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Towers/Throne War

DiscordPreparationCastle LocationPeace Shield & Battle Fog
BuffsAssigned TowersIncoming Scouts & RalliesDefendingAttacking
Hero HealthReplacing HeroesHealing TroopsWatching for Debuffs

We can't say this enough, listening to orders and following through quickly is the key to doing Special Eventd. The best way to facilitate this is to have everyone on Discord where they can listen to the leaders orders. There is a step-by-step write-up found here.


Leading up to the event, you should be recruiting troops, especially those used with your main march. Having those reserves helps trenendously. We suggest the following items. The event lasts for 3 hours so plan accordingly.

Alliance Shop

Elite Teleports
(2; 1 there, 1 back)

Attack Bonus
(Attack +3)

Defense Bonus
(Defense +3)

Leadership Bonus
(+10% Leadership)

Peace Shield

Battle Fog

Speedup, 25%

Speedup, 50%



Group Cleanse

Individual Cleanse

Castle Location

Because the "mud" surrounding the tower area slows down your troops tremendously, to be effective, you need to move your city to the throne area. We will pick the towers we plan to attack beforehand. All cities should pack themselves evenly down the side of our chosen towers. Once there is someone along the entire side, people should then place their cities directly behind that first line, starting in the middle and going out to both sides. Continue in this manner. Most of us move our castles the night before, but any time before the event starts is better than not moving.

The green castle shows where FireToAshes will put her castle.
In this format, the tower in the upper left would be the
"upper", while the lower right would be referred to as just "lower"

Peace Shield and Battle Fog

Once in your location, you should shield until the event begins. Once your shield drops, we highly suggest you battle fog through the 3 hour event.


About 10-15 minutes before the event starts, we will ask you to pop your buffs. These are the attack, defense and leadership bonuses. We will also be activating the alliance skills that will help. After all buffs are going, you will want to refresh your troops again to use the benefits those bonuses give you.

Assigned Towers

Before the event starts, the leaders will take a roll call and then assign each person a primary tower. When the event starts, you should send your strongest march to that tower with your second and third marches going to the other 2 towers. Reserve your 4th march for healing and replacements.

Incoming Scouts & Rallies

Expect scouts and rallies to start coming in fairly soon after we've taken the towers of choice. They will look like they are on an individual but they are really to the tower with that person's name attached (whoever is 1st to the tower, their name goes on the tower; if they leave, it goes to the next person, etc.).

Defending Towers

Pay attention to orders from the leaders. How we react is dependent on several things, depending on who and what is coming in. Sometimes we will ask you to move your main march to a defending tower. In which case, you should switch out your heroes, always leaving a hero in the other 2 towers. But again listening to the leaders and following through quickly is a must!

Attacking Towers

If we decide to attack another tower, you will want to get your main hero back for the attack, so switch in your reserve march. When attacking, we will either do a rally or a timed attack. If your hero gets sent back, heal up and return quickly. But listen for orders so when we call a retreat, you aren't hitting alone.

Hero Health

Watch your hero's health. You will lose BP if their health gets too low. Use your healing potions to heal them back up. Each potion heals 20 points.

Replacing Heroes

Any time your hero is in a battle defending, you will want to watch their health and troops. Pulling that hero and replacing it with your reserve so you can heal and get troops back.

Healing Troops

If we're in a fight, you will lose troops. Heal them up in the hospital using speedups. For example, in this last battle, I had to heal up 3 times - and my timer was for more than 1 day each time. I used speedups to get them back right away!

Watching for Debuffs

Watch the alliance tab for debuffs to appear and use the cleansing stones to remove them. One or 2 people will be assigned to cleanse any alliance-wide debuffs. They will try to warn individuals with debuffs so they can cleanse themselves, but its a good idea to kind of watch this for individual debuffs you may get.