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Timed Attack

A timed attack is when a group of members are all directed at 1 target. Each will leave (as explained below) at a time to arrive at the same time as everyone else. It's important NOT to go early, if anything choose to hit a bit later.

Q: Why are we even doing timed attacks, when we just can do a rally?
A: with timed attacks we reduce the reaction time of the victim for the 5 minutes a rally is up. With timed attacks we also reduce the time the victims alliance can reinforce. With timed attacks we can bring more people into the attack then "just" the 15 of our largest rally.
Q: Why do we need to be there at the same time?
A: good players can use a bad stack to their own advantage. They can shield to bounce the first incoming armies and then drop it to fight just against the later armies.

Figuring Out Your Time to Target (TTT)

In preparing, the leader will share the coordinates in chat and ask for each person's time


Click on the location targeted and then on the attack option


The hero choice window will come up, your TTT is at the top center, DO NOT ATTACK YET


Once the starter is chosen (the person furthest away), they will be
asked to do a countdown, attacking immediately after the "go"


Click on Alliance Battles and find the correct target


Look at the "March Time" at the top (circled in pink) . When that time reaches 2 seconds before your TTT, back out until you see the target and attack - we say 2 seconds because that's the average time it takes someone to back out and attack. If it takes you longer, adjust accordingly. So with a TTT of 2:01, I would watch the timer and when it hits 2:03, I'd' back out twice, click and attack


Once your march is on the way, you can click in the yellow circle
area to bring up the marches window. If done correctly,
you will see (below) that every one involved is 1-2 seconds
difference from the main march. Unfortunately, in this screenshot,
Jezebel's cat tried helping and
hit a speed-up... before that everyone matched!


If you leave early or use a speed-up, you will hit the target by yourself before the main armies get there. This can be very expensive in troops. A timed attack strategy is not needed when doing the Dimensional Portal, but its the perfect time/place to practice it. The better the alliance is, the easier harder events are to master.