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Saving/Backing Up Your Account

Saving or backing up your account is extremely important, especially if you may want to start a farm account. The game calls this Binding and it can be found under the "Account" option after clicking on your avatar.

If, on the following screen, you see the Facebook/Game "Bind Account", you haven't yet bound your account to save your progress. Chose 1 and follow the prompts to bind your account. once bound your account is automatically saved without you needing to do anything else.

If, however, your screen has a button that says "Undo Bind", it means you've already bound your account.

If you can't remember where you bound your account, you should be able to click on "Switch Account", choose a location, either Facebook or Game Center (iOS)/Google Play (Android).

And see a list of which accounts are bound to that location. You can bind up to 2 accounts in each location, so from your 1 device, you can play 4 accounts. A walk-through for starting a 2nd account can be found here.

Once bound, your account information will automatically save.