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Moving An Account from Facebook.

First step is to login to the Facebook account you wish to move an account FROM. You'll need to do this in either Safari (Apple) or Chrome (Android). Once you login to the FROM account, return to Titan Throne. Switch account and bring up the account you are moving.

Once you have the FROM account up in Titan Throne, you need to unbind it from its current account. NOTE: do NOT switch to another account until you've rebound the account to either Facebook or Game Center/Game Play.

Saving to Facebook

Return to your browser. Logout of the FROM Facebook and login to the Facebook account you want to save it too. Now return to Titan Throne and click on the Facebook option under account.

Saving to Game Center (Apple) or Game Play (Android)

If you are saving your new account to your Game Center/Play account, you should be able to choose that option directly after undoing the bind.

Please keep in mind, you can only save 2 accounts per realm on each Facebook or Game Center/Play account.