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We can't say this enough, listening to orders and following through quickly is the key to doing special events like towers and the new Alliance Campaign.

Because things can happen quickly, the easiest way to receive these orders is by voice through an app called Discord. This small app runs in the background and allows you to hear (and speak if you want to) to anyone else in the same channel.

..     .Discord for iOSDiscord for Android

Once you download and install it, add one of us (see list below), by clicking on the add friend icon in the upper right and typing in one of us from the list below. Once friended, we'll invite you to the TFE channel.

List of Discord Players. Caae matters!

  • Sayyadina-TFE#3092
  • Rover_Pup#3386
  • Onatay#2224
  • WrathsCrash#3828

For special events, we use the voice channel, "TFE Throne War".

Once in the channel, you can mute your microphone so no one can hear you by clicking on the microphone icon in the lower right corner.

Once in the channel, you can then switch to Titan Throne and Discord will run in the background.

For those not on Discord, someone will type out orders in alliance chat, but that takes more time so you will be a bit behind in reacting.