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Alliance Campaign

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We can't say this enough, listening to orders and following through quickly is the key to doing Special Events The best way to facilitate this is to have everyone on Discord where they can listen to the leaders orders. There is a step-by-step write-up found here.


The game developers have set up a set of rules we must follow. Some of them are pretty important so I'll mark those in pink. I've also struck out the ones that arent an issue for us.

  1. Alliance territory must be 500 or larger to unlock Alliance Campaigns.
  2. Alliance Campaigns can be activated by the alliance leader or her deputies. Each week you can only run 1 campaign. Campaigns can't be run on Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdqays.
  3. When you win, you will earn resource and treasure chests according to your individual contributions. When you lose, you will also earn some consolation rewards.
  4. Each barrle is 45 minutes long. Successfully invade the NPCs fort to win. Each campaign may consist of several maps. You must pass all maps to win.
  5. You must join an alliance for at least a week to go on their campaigns. Participating allies' castles will be protected.
  6. There are no losses in Alliance Campaigns. All troops wounded or killed in will be restored upon battle end.
  7. Buff items used during the battle will not take effect. Please use them before joining the battle!

  8. Some strongholds on the map will grant special buffs. Use them wisely to gain huge advantages!

Now a few rules we've setup ourselves.

  1. Follow the leader snd her deputies commands. This will only work if we work together as a team.
  2. Absolutely NO chatting in the chat window within the campaign. We hope everyone will be on Discord, but for those who are not, they need to be able to see orders as they come in.

Preparing for Campaign

Unless you have a huge troop reserve, it's best that you have all your Heroes in your castle. You can only use 1 Hero, but will have access to all troops within your castle, irregardless of formation. Make sure you know your troop formation for your main hero, as you will start the campaign with no troops and will need to fill your army after joining.


The following buffs, available from the Alliance shop, are recommended. These buffs will need to be used BEFORE you join the Alliance Campaign. If you forget, you are out of luck as you can't pop them after you enter.

Attack Bonus
(Attack +3)

Defense Bonus
(Defense +3)

Leadership Bonus
(+10% Leadership)

Special Strongholds

There are 4 types of special strongholds. The happen to the first person to arrive and then reappear after about a minute.

Random Debuff

Random Buff

Instant Death

Healing Buff


The purpose of the campaign is to defend our castle (blue - left end) while simultaneously attacking their castle (red - right end). In this first campaign, there are 14 strongholds between the 2 castles in the following format (from left to right):

When the camaign starts, all players start in their castle. Do not rush out on your own. Wait for orders from leadership.


Watch the chat within the campaign. The designated leader will call the shots as to which stronghold to attack. When they say to refill troops (or when your troops drop below 50%), you will need to follow the safe path back to our base where you can refill your troops. Return along the same path.

If you can't stay the entire 45 minutes, you can leave your Hero in our castle as defense in case any of their troops manage to get past us! Please be sure to tell leadership this so they'll assign you to the "Defend Castle" group.


You win if you take their castle.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are in the campaign, your castle will have a special Peace Shield put on your personal castle so you can't be attacked while involved in the campaign.


Rewards for completing the first level of the campaign may look like these. The rewards will get better and better as you progress through the Alliance Campaigns.