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Titan Throne Battlepower (BP)

When we talk about BP, there are 2 numbers to look at. The first is your overall BP... you can find this next to your avatar in the upper left corner with the 2 swords. I'll refer to this as BP.

The other is your hero or march BP. This is how strong each hero is. If you pull up the details of your hero, your march BP is right above the troops, again with the 2 swords.

To make things easier, I'll refer to these as M1-M4. You should be working to increase these all the time. We've put together some guidelines to help you achieve that.


Your building queue should be going all the time. Be sure to upgrade your castle any time that you can. Other buildings you should concentrate on are your summoning portal, college, spell tower and the easiest to miss, your tier 5 building (this is named different for each race I think?). If you can afford to, keep a golden hammer up and 2 queues going at the same time. Any downtime is BP missed. Resources can be an issue of course, but once we have TF3 established again (one of these days, hehe), you could do 3 farm accounts on the same device as your main character - you get 2 bound to Facebook and 2 bound to Game Center, just be SURE your main character is bound to 1 of those options before attempting to create a farm account. Then you can attack your farms to get additional resources. You can do it without a farm(s), it'll just take much longer!

Technology Research

Your technology queue should also be going all the time. Unfortunately you can't upgrade and research at the same time so be aware of that. Try to concentrate in the military tab, grabbing the others when you don't have an option in the military tree.

Spell Research

Again, it's all about keeping your queue going. Use your spell wish to pick up epic cards since you can't ask for those from the alliance. Use the donation feature to request needed spell cards in the common/rare trees. You can request a donation every 12 hours. Visit the Magic Shop and purchase needed spell cards. Be sure to do the Join Forces quest every day for the magic spurs and help anytime someone asks to get additional spurs. As for which spells are the best for each hero, ask our newly appointed Build Queen (assuming Fire would do this, hehe). Spell Furnace


For M1-M4, troops are extremely important. Which troops exactly to use for each hero should be discussed with the Build Queen. But you want to keep your recruiting/enhancing queues full. Personally, I recruit 6000-8000 of each tier 1 and tier 2 troop before I stop recruiting those, but I'm continually recruiting tier 3, 4 and 5 - I seldom use T1 and T2 troops. I always concentrate on the troops my M1 is using first. Same with enhancing, concentrate on your M1 troops first. See below for info on how to get the blood for enhancing your troops. Each completed recruitment will raise your BP.

Dragon Crusade (DC), Dragon Lair (DL),

Dimensional Portal (DP) & Dwarf Mine

Each day, you can do 2 dragon crusades (individual dragon fights), 2 dragon lairs (can be done solo but is more rewarding the more involved), 1 Dimensional Portal, 6 hours of dragon lair exploring (this is where the dragon blood comes from that is required for enhancing) and 8 hours of dwarf gold mining. Even if you have to do them alone, be sure you do each every day and don't miss your 6 hours exploring and 8 hours of mining gold. While we do our main DL/DP runs at 1800 server time, there are quite a few who can't make that so ask when you're on for others that need it too and help each other out.


First thing is deciding which heroes you want for primary and secondary, each have their strengths and weaknesses... see the Build Queen for help. Once you've decided on a hero, then you need to work on getting that hero as strong as possible using the options below.

  • Experience Card's - I use 50% of my cards on a bi-weekly basis to advance my main march (and another 25% for my second march)
  • Stamina/kills - it takes 20 stamina (upper left corner, the boots icon) to kill a mob; these give experience so be sure to use all your stamina each time it builds up; kill the highest level you can; if the mob is within our territory, you get a bonus
  • Stats - each hero has a primary stat that you raise whenever possible) (is there a hero when you'd want to work on 2 stats?)
  • Enhancing - collect hero cards from the tavern daily. If you have the cash, ONLY pick cards for your main hero as much as possible, followed by your secondary March; use any hero card summons in your pack (under battle)
  • Gift Tree - these are skills you can "turn on" from the enhancement tab. Pick gift lines that support your chosen hero and play style... see Build Queen for help.
  • Spells - choosing the right spells and putting them in the right order can make a huge difference in that marches BP. Once you've chosen your spells, be sure to upgrade each time you have enough cards. Gain cards through research, opening spell books (on the battle tab of your pack) and requesting donations through the alliance (you are allowed a request every 12 hours)
  • Gear - use the appropriate gear for your hero build (like don't use strength gear for a wisdom hero). Upgrade your gear (you can use unused gear to increase levels of each gear type) once or twice a week; more often if you get gear more often.
  • Jewels - if your gear has a small circle (or 2) in the upper right corner of the icon, it means you can add jewels to increase the benefits. Open jewel chests (battle tab of pack) to find jewels, then pick jewels that support your hero/build/play style.
  • Troops
    • Enhancing - collect as much dragon blood (See Exploring Lair above); use this to enhance your troops. Enhance the 5 troop types your main march uses first, followed by your secondary march troops.
    • Formation - choose the troops that support your hero and spells best. Be sure to add troop numbers as they get killed off.
  • Adventure - great chance to gain experience so keep up on your adventure quests.
  • Legendary Quests - each hero has a line of quests, be sure to keep up on these!
  • Arena - the arena is open for an hour, 3 times in a given 24 hour period. Find the best time for you and be sure to do your 10 arena battles there daily. If you have bonus arena tickets, use those as well. You can use your earned arena points to purchase blue equipment and segments for better gear. Be sure to check your other tab in your pack for more arena point cards.
  • Gladiator Ring - you can do 5 fights per day; rewards are given based on your overall rank so try to raise in rank, even if it's a little bit.