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Welcome to The Fire Empire (TFE)

Buildsmith's Corner

Hey Members,

Latest Titan Throne Update, July 2019

You Were Right Sayya, The world is ending! Not really, but many of us felt it might. I am going to go into this in greater detail, but wanted to put up a general notification now for any of our members just coming across this update. Change your underwear, grab a coffee, it's going to be alright.

The Short Version

You are stuck in specified gear until you get to blue level. You no longer have dozens of gear options to choose from. The game developers have decided to make you the best hero you can be and so until you qualify for blue gear you will have little to no choice on what gear your hero gets to wear. This might sound like a nightmare, but in reality it is not. The game is making you the strongest you can possibly be so that you can level and get to blue gear where you can customize your build. "Off Builds" which I will go into later do not have much strength to them in early stages, so in all reality this makes sense. The one set back is that there is no way to "overdose" your hero in green gear and by that I mean extra spell damage, extra luck, whatever "extra" you might have selected. But you can still add your choice of gems.

Iron/Steel and all that Jazz

Instead of having to use old or low level gear to upgrade your existing gear, you will now receive iron which is steel, which all does the same thing anyway... upgrade gear. You can also turn any unwanted gear into iron/steel and use it for upgrading. The BIGGEST benefit, you no longer have to upgrade headgear with headgear pieces or chest gear with chest gear pieces. All iron/steel is created equal and in the long run this makes upgrading a bit easier

OMG My Hero is Naked, All my Gems and Gear are Gone

The naked part may be true, but any gear removed will be in your pack, and you can remove the gems from any of this gear to use as you would like. Please note as a recommendation, if the gear cannot be used turn it into iron/steel, really no point holding onto any of it anymore

New Epic Physical Spell has Arrived

Dragonslayer Cleave has been added to the spell list and it is a physical spell that can hit 5 targets. While it does not stun, it does look like it will be a beneficial spell and end up in a lot of spell line ups. Everyone received 1 card towards this, so you will have it in your spells, so have a quick read.

I'll try to come back with more details soon.

- Rover

FireToAshes Fire oversees everything, but her main concern is diplomacy. Who we're friendly with, who is off-limits and when, etc. She is also the person who works with other Alliance leaders to hash out some realm rules.
The following are general duties, but any Deputy can do any of this. Just some are more suited or have volunteered to take on a specific task.
Erotagh Alliance Campaign/Elite War Co-Leader

mortalpriest Recruitment

Rover_Pup Buildsmith; Rover helps members understand their heroes and helps them get the most out of each one.

Sayyadina Webmaster; Sayya runs the DL/DP run right before reset for anyone that missed the main earlier; She also tries to keep the technology and skills research priority set.

Sulphur Alliance Campaign/Elite War Leader

WrathCrash Recruitment; Informational Specialist